Form to e-mail,
no backends,
no hassle!

Form to e-mail,
no backends,
no hassle!

Why FaaS

Backend free

We process your requests

(the boring stuff)

Easy to plug

It is just a URL

(easy peasy)

Receive your leads

Never miss a submit


How it works

  • 1
    First things first:  Create Your Form
  • 2
    Place the generated form endpoint into your form's ACTION attribute:
  • Put our endpoint on your forms action attribute
  • 3
    It's done, enjoy!
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Form to E-mail

Receive your form's submissions directly in you email box. Easy to setup, focus on what matters.

Ajax Submissions

If you need more control over your form's submission process, you are free to submit it using ajax.

Ready to Test

You can see your form's endpoint in action right on the creation page.

Custom URL Redirect

You can redirect to a custom url. Even more control over you submissions behaviour

File Uploads

You need to upload files with you form? It is as simple as one additional form control. You can send up to 5 files, 10mb max each.

Custom E-mail Template

You need a personalized submission e-mail with your client identity? No problem!


Custom "Thank you" Page

You can customize your "thank you" page to show your logo, colors and message.



Configure your form to re-notify you if a form submission has not been read.



You can export your submissions to Google Sheets, csv, json and xls.


Management Dashboard

You have access to all your form's submissions in one place, easy to visualize, filter and export.


Form Design Wizard

You don't want to bother creating your form's code ? Use our form design wizard to magically do that.


Rule based notifications

You want different people notified based on form's values? Now you can!